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Welcome to the CSA Partnership with Lewis Waite Farm
and its upstate and VT farm network!

PigsWhat is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is becoming a new way to distribute foods directly from the farms that raise them to the consumers in a community. CSA groups are formed by people in conjunction with a farm or series of farms that deliver freshly grown products, generally vegetables and fruits, on a weekly or monthly basis to a certain location. The members of the CSA come the location to pick up their “share” or their specific order for the foods that are offered by the contracted farms. It is like a Co-op without a storefront. These groups meet in church vestibules, parks, community centers, community gardens, and members’ homes; wherever it is convenient and roomy enough to accommodate the number of members and the produce and other foods to distribute them easily.

cows We have developed a service over the years to deliver to a number of CSA groups in and around the New York City boroughs. We deliver year round on a monthly schedule. Each member of the CSA can order specific items packaged for them from our wide range of products offered by a network of our neighboring farms. We partner with a number of other farms in upstate New York and Vermont to offer a wide array of products fresh from the farms. You can use the links to see these farms and their products. Our CSA members place their orders on this website for our scheduled deliveries. We love working with the wonderful CSA folks who appreciate great fresh natural foods handmade by our partners; CSA members know that food without chemicals and unnatural substances are the best!