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Lamb, Grass-Fed & Finished Products from Argyllshire Lamb

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Grass-finished lamb, no grainsGround Lamb pkgs.approx. 1 lb. packages10.00lbs.  
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsLamb Loin Chopapprox. 1 lb pkg 4 pcs.17.00lbs.chops cut 1" thick 4 chops per package 
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsLamb Neck slices.6 to 1 lb. each pkg.8.00lbs.these are also delicious for stews, sweet meat 
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsLamb Rib Chop ( 4 pkg).6 - 1.0 lb. pkgs. 4/pk17.00lbs.cooks in minutes, lean and flavorful 
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsLamb Riblet pkgsapprox 1.0 lb10.00lbs.these packages are labeled rack of lamb but look more like ribletsUse these braised in stews or crock pot simmering recipes
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsLamb Shanksabout 1 lbs. 9.00lbs.thick and rich lamb stew with the marrow bone 
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsLamb Shoulder Blade Chopsabout 1 - 2 lbs. 4 per package11.00lbs.from the shoulder 
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsRack of ribs1.5 lb. packages18.00lbs.  
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsStew Lambapprox. 1 lb. packages9.00lbs.trimmed and cubed 
Grass-finished lamb, no grainsWhole Leg of Lamb, bone-inabout 4 - 5 lbs. 13.00lbs.All grass-fed and grass-finished and deliciously rich tastingBone-in roast