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Honey Products from Harry's Honey House

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CategoryItemApprox. SizePricePerNotesSpecial Notes
Wildflower Honey1 lb. Honey glass jar1 lb. in glass4.30each  
Wildflower Honey1 lb. Honey jar1 lb. plastic squeeze bottle4.30each  
Wildflower Honey2 lb. Honey glass jar2 lb. glass 7.80each  
Wildflower Honey2 lb. Honey jar2 lb. squeeze bottle7.80each  
Wildflower Honey5 lb. Honey jar5 lb. plastic bottle18.00each  
Wildflower HoneyCreamed Honey16 oz in glass4.95eachThis honey is blended to make it spreadable, much smoother than the raw honey - heated and filtered 
Wildflower HoneyHoney Bear 12 oz. 12 oz squeeze bottle3.65each  
Wildflower HoneyRaw Honey1 lb. glass jar4.95eachunfiltered and unheated, the best a bee can make!just like it comes from the hive!