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Beef, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished MBF Angus Products from Mack Brook Farm

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CategoryItemApprox. SizePricePerNotesSpecial Notes
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BonesMarrow Bones.7-1.92.99lbs.Great treat for your dogTwo per package
Bonesoxtails.5-.72.99lbs.Great for soup but dogs just love them, per package
Bonessoup bones2.3-3.02.99lbs.For delicious, healthy per package
BrisketBrisket - split3.2-5.45.99lbs. We cut the whole brisket in half. Please specify thicker (top) half or thinner.
ChuckRoasts2.5-3.85.99lbs.bonelessone per package
FlankFlank 1.6-1.811.99lbs.Great to marinateOne per package
Ground BeefGround Beef, 1# pkg1.0-1.256.99lbs.At MBF, this is not just 'what's left over'.Most frequent customer comment, "Best hamburger I've ever eaten!" There are specific cuts we do not sell individually as we grind them into the hamburger, accounting for the superior taste.
Ground BeefGround beef, 2# pkg.1.6-2.26.99lbs.  
Ground BeefHamburger Patties1.0 to 1.4 lbs per pkg7.99lbs.4 square patties per package90% Lean and healthy grass-fed flavor
LoinFilet.3-1.021.99lbs.The most tender cut of beefone per package