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Products Farms
Adjustment for Granola Vermont Maple Granola Co.
Adjustment for Jam - Beth's Farm Kitchen Beth's Farm Kitchen
Beef, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished LWF Lewis Waite Farm
Beef, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished MBF Angus Mack Brook Farm
Beef, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished OHF Hereford O'Donnell Hill Farm
Bread, handmade, hearth-baked, European style Rock Hill Bakehouse
Caviar Food Caviar.US
Cheese, Cow's Milk (raw) and Goat West River Creamery
Cheese, Goat's Milk - Gillis Acres Farm Gillis Acres Farm
Cheese, Yogurt, Sheep's Milk 3-Corner Field Farm
Chevon - Kid Goat from MSF Manx Station Farm
Chicken All Natural KNK KNK Poultry
Chicken, Pastured poultry JVF Joint Venture Farm
Gourmet Food Marky's
Eggs, Fresh and Natural Local Egg Producers
Flour, organic and freshly milled Farmer Ground Flour
Granola - Vermont Maple Granola Vermont Maple Granola Co.
Honey Harry's Honey House
Jams and Chutneys Beth's Farm Kitchen
Lamb and Pork, raised naturally West River Creamery
Lamb, Grass-Fed & Finished Argyllshire Lamb
Lamb, Grass-Fed - 3 Corner Field Farm 3-Corner Field Farm
Late order charge 3-Corner Field Farm
Maple Syrup - Sugar Mill Farm Sugar Mill Farm
Pork, Pastured, Natural LWF Lewis Waite Farm
Turkey All Natural - Stonewood Farm Stonewood Farm